Addiction Retold is that rare thing: an online media publication that is neither a news source nor a content mill. We work instead with the belief that listening to the questions real people ask about addiction—and producing high-quality material to rigorously and accurately address those questions—takes time.

We also work in the knowledge that so much of our addiction care system, if it can even be called such a thing, is broken—and that this failure feeds tragedy. We’re ready to explore our subject area critically and carefully, in ways that warn, inspire and help.

The internet has long been the first place people turn to for advice. Too often—in the addiction space, above all—they find only misinformation and profiteering.

Our mission, therefore, is to give people with urgent addiction needs the honest, relevant, user-focused and encouraging media that we ourselves would wish to read.

About ReadWhenLost Media

ReadWhenLost Media was formed in 2018 by a small group of people from a range of backgrounds including mental health, business, and media. We are a quarterly publisher that releases regular, in-depth and high-quality series examining a broad range of mental health-related topics. We are committed to asking the questions that count on behalf of the people who need answers. We believe that current media coverage of mental health and addiction—from the sensationalized oversimplifications of national news to the generic content mills of industry- specific outlets—largely fails to serve this audience. And it overwhelmingly fails to tackle these complex, emotive subjects without leaning on culturally embedded prejudice. We provide something different: open-minded, approachable, and brutally honest insight into the current landscape of mental health in America. Addiction Retold is our opening series, and a timely one at that. In 2017, the US suffered an estimated 72,000 deaths fatal drug overdoses, and that figure is expected to keep rising. The “remedy”? This country has the largest and most lucrative addiction treatment system in the world…with dismal success rates. Something is broken, and people with addiction and their loved ones deserve the truth. Our series will consist of deep-dive reporting, first-person narratives and analysis, and succinct, reader-oriented service pieces. It will deliver critiques and exposés of the rehab industry, roadmaps for those trying to navigate their way to health, and vital warnings about what not to do.